Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Stone, paper, scissors!

Robot that will beat you 100% of the time

Ishikawa Oku Lab at the University of Tokyo have designed a robot which not only plays stone-paper-scissors, but wins every single time.
The trick behind the idea is simple: super high speed cheating.

High speed vision recognizes the human hand's shape in 1 ms and makes the winning shape in a few more ms.

The robot takes only one millisecond to recognize the shape that your hand makes. Thereafter, it requires only a few more milliseconds to make the shape that'll beat you.

It happens so fast that the human eye is not able to perceive the minimal time delay.

This machine has been built to strengthen the field of human-machine cooperation system. It says that in the near future, we can have this technology being applied to cooperation work between human beings and robots etc. without time delay. 

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