Friday, 15 June 2012

Self making bed

A breath of relief for those who hate to make their bed after waking up. Spanish furniture maker OHEA has created a bed which can make itself automatically.

The people at OHEA have decided to make our lives easier.




  • You can forget about making your bed every day.
  • No more low back pain or backaches.
  • Your bedroom will always be presentable without any effort.
  • You’ll never again argue with your mate or children or mother.




The bed can make itself in 50 seconds. It comes attached with robotic arms at the base which can straighten out the duvet. Meanwhile, the pillows are stretched by internal cords and then lifted over the top of the duvet.

The bed is equipped with pressure sensors - so it will not start making the bed when you are lying on the bed. In the automatic mode, the bed will start making itself 3 seconds after it detects that there is no one sitting on the bed.

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