Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Gigapixel camera

Details which do not appear prominently to the naked eye highlighted by the gigapixel camera.
Engineers at Duke University and the University of Arizona have come up with a prototype gigapixel camera made from stacking 98 mini cameras.

A simple and intuitive idea led to this innovative high zoom camera which can pick out details with extremely great detail.

The toughest part is to coordinate the 98 cameras together in the least possible space ensuring that the device does not explode!

The dimensions of the device are gigantic in terms of a camera : the prototype is two-and-half feet square and 20 inches deep.

The camera, with length and breadth measuring 2.5 feet and depth measuring 20 inches.

It uses about 3 percent of the total space  for optical instruments. The rest is utilized in cooling components, processors and electronics.

If extra microcameras were added to the device, the resolution could reach as high as 50 gigapixels, which is 5 times better than 20/20 human vision.

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