Thursday, 31 May 2012

How to connect with people : Hachi to the rescue

A Bangalore based startup called Hachi can give you the best possible route to connect to a person you're not friends with.

Uses LinkedIn, Facebook, Outlook, Gmail, IMs, your smartphone to find best possible route

The site, now in a private beta test, does this by measuring the strength of relationships in the path from you to your desired contact.

Hachi gives a score on ten for every possible route to connect to the person you wish.

The score will be based upon the level of interaction among the people who lie along the route.

Unlike LinkedIn, which gives second and third degree connections, Hachi can give even greater degree of connections.

In the future, Hachi is looking forward to use even other networking sites to improve it's data.

About the creator:

 "You can reach out to far more people than you think find your TRUE REACH " - Description at the Hachi.
Hachi has been founded by Rachna Singh, who has been in the IT industry for 10 years. She had started two profitable ventures during her teens - hand made greeting cards, and custom apparels.

Rachna will be presenting the company at Startup Festival.

Rachna has plans to charge companies for the product to help them grow their network and for public relations purposes.

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